Let's start learning JAPANESE !!

2019/05/12 09:22:57

Hi! I am a native Japanese teacher, with experience teaching in Japan and the UK.

Let me tell you a bit about my Skype class. I use Skype video chat, so that it is just like a regular face-to-face class. While we talk, I will send a messages to explain about grammar, vocabulary, etc., just like writing on a white board.

You are able to choose what date and time you want a lesson. Lessons are a minimum of one hour.

I have a lot of diplomas and licenses for teaching, and I can teach all levels for Japanese – from beginners to business Japanese, and for preparing for all JLPT levels. I focus on all skills, vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing, speaking, depending on your preference.
Of course, in addition to general Japanese, I can respond to your specific requests and aims, such as classes focusing on conversation or and classes specialising in test preparations.

First of all, please let me know about your details by e-mail.

-Your Japanese level (learning experience, level of JLPT etc.)
-Desired day and time
-Your learning purpose or aim

Please contact to me anytime! Then I will be able to send more details and propose the best plan for you. I will send back the details as soon as possible and I can promise you fulfilling lessons and language results! I am looking forward to learning with you.


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