Taekwondo teaches students self-defense techniques

2023/01/31 22:25:23
Kyunghee Taekwondo
City , 583, #02-33 Orchard Rd, Forum Shopping Mall, 23888
583, #02-33 Orchard Rd, Forum Shopping Mall,

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to be a Taekwondo student?
And have you also wondered how you can make use of Taekwondo to protect yourself?
Tempted to Join Taekwondo Lessons but still afraid to take the first step?
Do not wait, it is your time now!

For Children Aged 12 and below, we are offering a FREE 20-minute trial class.
For Teens, Adult's Trial classes or for general enquires, you may reach us at our respective branches as follows:

1. Bukit Timah Headquarters
Address: Beauty World Center #03-37
Email: bukittimahkyunghee@gmail.com
Contact Number: +65 6469-7001

2. Jurong East Branch
Address: Jurong Gateway #02-319/#02-329
Email: jurongeastkyunghee@gmail.com
Contact Number: +65 6563-3277

3. Orchard Forum Branch
Address: Forum Shopping Mall #02-33
Email: orchardkyunghee@gmail.com
Contact Number: +65 6219-3278

4. Woodlands Branch
Address: 900 S Woodlands Dr, Woodlands Civic Centre #06-08, 730900
Contact Number: +65 9379 1838

In addition, various promotional/discount packages are available once you attend the trial class!
For information regarding available courses schedule and registration, please refer to our Official Website as follows:

1, Bukit Timah HeadQuarter
Course Schedule: http://www.kyunghee.com.sg/schedule/bukit-timah/

2. Jurong East Branch
Course Schedule: http://www.kyunghee.com.sg/schedule/jurong-east/

3. Orchard Branch
Course Schedule: http://www.kyunghee.com.sg/schedule/orchardforum/

4. Woodlands Branch
Course Schedule: https://www.kyunghee.com.sg/schedule/woodlands-branch/

Register your trial lesson now at http://www.kyunghee.com.sg/book-a-trial/
or alternatively you can call us at the respective branch above to schedule for a trial lesson!
Take the first step or never!

Follow us for more information at:


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- Kyunghee Taekwondo

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